About Us

OSMC is certified student recruitment agency by Singapore Education department. The headquarter is in Australia. Staff of Singapore branch are all graduated from overseas universities, have sufficient overseas study experience qualified executives. After more than 10 years experience, OSMC enjoyed the good reputation of responsible and professional agency. It has successfully recruited more than 100 students to study to Singapore and Australia.


·OSMC has more than 10 years experience in the student recruitment and migration service in Singapore and Australia.

·Subsidiary of Chi Fat International Pte Ltd (Melbourne, Australia)

·Executives have exposure to China, Hong Kong, South East Asia Region (Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia) and Singapore educational environment.

·With linkage of the group in countries like Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia

Our Services

·Student counseling & placement (Overseas to Singapore or Singapore to Australia)

·Singapore and Australian local primary, secondary and tertiary schools (private & public) acceptance arrangement

·Help to obtain students pass/ visa

·Accommodation arrangement if required

·Educational study tour

·Inter-school transfer

·Assist in applying mothers accompaniment visa (Study Ma Ma)

·Migration service

·English tutorial classes to non-English or English as 2nd language background students

·Informational seminar to study environment, school or universities background, criteria of entry, advancement path for further studies and job opportunities

·Various Visa processing (Social Visit, Business visa etc.)


" We make Your Dreams Come true."